To Whom It May Concern

by Like Royals

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released November 23, 2015

Mixed and Mastered/Additional programming and engineering by Roland Lim

Produced and Engineered by Richie Newman and Mark Harris

Artwork by Jack Pallet



all rights reserved


Like Royals Sydney, Australia

We are Like Royals. A new band from Sydney Australia. Debut single "Speak In Tongues" out now.

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Track Name: Decipher//Demise
Inside the wasteland that they have created
Is planted seeds, that defile the mind
To understand a retribution
This is complete

Leave all dreams you had behind

And face your fate
Is all that was said
I hear
Their distorted voices
still ringing inside

What I’d give to erase all that I’ve seen
(erase what I’ve been)
Retreating to the end of the world
I was kept alive

And Isolated

In the dead of dusk
they descended
In the face of fear
we surrended

Burdened by faith,
a fatal mistake

Mislead by a man in the sky

I hope you find me
I hope you seize my soul
from reality
And once you take this away
Ill kneel before you

and your gracious face

Turn back the clock
it’s to late it’s all said and done
Our memories are bullets
we’ve loaded the gun

like ashes to ashes
like dust

Oh Father
I need you know
I’ll keep praying
This bodies never found
Oh Father
I need you know
I’ll keep praying
that hope can save me now

Theres no,
Recovering from this mess
Such was a slave
A simple slave to the flesh
Track Name: Momento
Collecting the ghosts of my past
and granting them the freedom to resort,
In the back of my mind
Forever with me
until the end of time

All the sleepless nights Ive spent,
Surviving it all
Accepting whats inside of me
Embracing the fall

Haunt me and taunt me
Just Promise not to leave
you’re the only thing that makes me
walk with immunity

lacerating all that was
and leaving it behind
Now that Im barely conscious
I am Alive

all of the guilt
Is exposed
and I’ve been Bearing my neck to the wolves
I wish that this never subsides

All the sleepless nights Ive spent
surviving it all
Accepting whats inside of me
Embracing the fall

Haunt me
and taunt me
just Promise not to leave
you’re the only thing that makes me
walk with immunity

and we all pass through this world, cursed from the start
those who have it easy, lack all the heart
Look In the mirror, what do you see?
Is this reflection what you really believe

Wake up.
Track Name: Ignite
and so disconnected
from this keepsake of hope
to navigate with our eyes that are wide shut

Is pathing pathways to no where

we’re forced to inhale
the sub zero air
leaking in our lungs

but I for one
refuse to simply swallow
and feed on every single lie and pill thats forced down my throat

You hear them calling out your name?
(I promise you its in vein)
the voices are timeless
residing inside
of your mind

This is the surge of revolution
Slicing at your neck
Confront the lies and all that what you stood by
take back there words you’ve said

So don’t blink,
were living in the shadow of a world that we have made to becoming so damn shallow

and our hearts dark
Ignite the spark
and let the strike begin

So set the world on fire
and light the to flame begin
We are the children of misuse
sick of disguising the false truth

Breathe in the air of freedom
a fruitless shell is disposed
and where deception is made
we have the source to create
a new beginning

The King
will fall to his knees

with defeat

This King will Fall to his knees.
Track Name: Driftwood
I was never the kid, to speak aloud
I lacked the courage, But maybe you’ll hear me now

Always the boy who cried wolf,
Now hear me howl louder than they ever could.

So take it back
Let’s take it back
to a better time, where I was fine
trade your sorrows, your sadness and I’ll show you mine

So wherever you are I wish you grace, just know I look back with a smile on my face
It’s clear It’s time for me to close this door, I’ll Find my solace in pathetic metaphors

I hope you’re safe
and I hope that the Lights will guide you
To what you desire,
with every single breath I hope it fuels your fire
So please believe me you know Im not a liar
and If you’re looking for affection or a path to choose
you’ll find it in the chest of someone I once knew

My heart, My sleeve
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
Is never as easy as you make it out to believe

So wherever you are

cause I'll be there waiting patiently with memories close at hand
These words are aching in my chest,
So help me find a way
(Help me find away)

My hope
My Dreams
My Everything
It’s all, slipping away
Slowly slipping away

Now That I know where you are, you’re dressed in lace, I look up smiling with a teardrop down my face
It’s clear It’s time for me to close this door, I found my solace knowing that I helped you soar.
Track Name: Within Manic Walls
So tell me is this the price that I pay?
Defiling everything only to waste away?
Fuck you, tie the rope with your own two hands
kick the chair, without a care indulge and fucking stare

I wish you could burn, You know its your turn
For once let me speak my mind

Ive been waking up

so don’t tell me everything is gonna be all right
You are all fucking betrayers
till the test of time
you’re a god damn betrayer

I’m Taking this down, to the core of the earth leaving no trace I even existed
Ill will carve my feeble words in this tomb
to leave a mark and hang my heart
so why did you leave a trail of complete destruction?
Until I rip this flesh from bone
My misery will still be shown,
It will all still be shown

Drag me down to hell
My secrets,
they’re leaking,
its slipping through my hands
Im praying to a god I never trusted
looking for a way I can recover

So take my pain, take all that I was
and the memories that I own

And Im begging to wonder
If this is what Ive always been
just a fragment of beauty in
such a manic lucid dream

I’m trapped within manic walls

and sharing
a portrait of woe
Track Name: The Foul Chapters
Vivid thoughts of illusion
Haunt my mind
From the inside out

My life is carved in the pages
And I see no light at the end
Because these are the foul chapters

The torment seeps from the pages and binding
I am enticed to read
Page by page

The words are singing like a choir of angels
Harmonising my name
Their symphony is where I belong

So sink my head in the water
And watch the air leave my mouth

If I were to leave
Just vanish from the earth
I’ll never leave a footprint
To show what I was worth

Ive never been a man of faith
A lesson never learnt
With hands that dim a diamonds shine
How could I know if my desires right

The foul chapters
Are my past the present and my future

What I am
All I've done
The faces of familiar people
So tell my why I'd ever wish to run

I'm learning to understand just what makes a man
I'm piecing together
The sign in the lines

The last line of the story is to be written
Renewal with a new perspective
Or lifeless in the dirt

Choices paint our lives
When all is said an done
Take me away
Where madness and bliss
Are accepted as one